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5 course meal for only



1) Popadoms with Chutney Platter

2) Pick any Starter from the Menu

3) Pick any main meal with rice, chips or nan*

4) Dessert

5) Coffee

*Banquet starter,King Prawn & Chef Elite Dishes (page 4) incurs a £3.50 additional charge.


This offer only applies to a table of 14 or less. Tables over 14 + does not include ice cream and coffee on party menu. Table covers over 14+ we have the party menu available (please click below or enquire). This offer is only available before 10pm everday.

This offer does not apply to

Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day.


- NO Restrictions on choosing from A La Carte Menu (90%)

- When we say 5 Course we mean FIVE COURSE

- NO need to book in advance for offer, Just turn Up

- Busy place and Nice clean atmosphere

- One simple Offer all year round, Value all the time


- Restricted to about 30% of the Menu

- They class Nan as a course!

- Restricted to time, Date, Menu

- Ask yoursellf  "Would you take your date There!

- Confusing offers, limited time, you end up paying more!